I've rebooted parts of this collection and made them part of my permanent offerings! Swimsuits, shorts, shoes and more on this theme are available here.

Collection is closed, thanks to everyone who bought some of my work!

A month before this drop I decided I wanted to design my first collection as a gift to myself for my 45th birthday. It is something I've always wanted to do! I pulled it together really fast.

As with all my work, there are themes threaded throughout the pieces: survival imagery of knots, nets, rope, and knives. I included the sun as well. The hot, blazing sun. 

I was thinking about where I live, Tucson, AZ, and how the summer is such a time of survival and not much else. Especially this year of global temps climbing into record-breaking territory. I thought about tenderness and care amongst friends, and staying "Juicy in Tucsy" like the resilient pomegranate trees, which save up juice all summer long. 

I've been obsessed with nets for a long time, mostly basketball nets. But then I started thinking about fishing nets, and water culture. And nets as a repeated series of connections of thread; a delicate material turned strong and helpful. I thought about community being like a net, with all of us as the connection points. Together we form a safety net for each other, and we need that, and we're going to need it. 

"Knife Girl Summer" came up as a fun "point" of interest (lol). I am basically just obsessed with survival tools, and knives are so useful. I use knife imagery in the spirit of skill-building and being proactive. And maybe cutting away what isn't needed? Or cutting yourself out of a hopelessly tangled net?

I hope you enjoy the Net:work Collection, which runs through the month of August. Please reach out if you have any questions! I'm on Instagram @warm.shape and my email is [email protected]

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