What is Warm Shape?

Linus Schief opened the shop on a wing & a prayer October 14th, 2022 after being offered the opportunity to do a pop-up in the space. She knew a good thing, and had the vision and energy to lean all the way in. She quit her regular job and committed to her dream of having a workshop/retail space.

Half of the room was her weaving, sewing, embroidery and art workshop. For a year she plugged away making woven pieces out of plastic bags, VHS tapes, and scrap fabric. She made clothes, hats, patches, stickers, using every idea she had.

After a year she was satisfied with having had the entire place to herself and felt like opening things up to more artists from the community. She asked @lano_romero_dash to join up, which quickly turned into a beautiful partnership! Lano sells her Her style is cosmic and colorful mixed-media collages, prints, stickers, and more. 

Beyond that, Warm Shape has expanded to include many, many wonderful artists and makers.  We loooooove supporting artists! We print everyone’s art right here at the shop, and favor those who have never printed their art before. We also do custom printing so reach out if you’d like to have your art printed! Reasonable rates and quick turnaround.

What do you sell at Warm Shape?

Our focus is local artists and makers. We have locally designed t-shirts, hats,  mugs, bookmarks, keychains, stickers, clothing, skincare, herbal remedies, ceramics and so much more. We represent over 25 makers! We also have a great vintage collection, sourced from all over! 

Where do your other products come from?

We use a website called Printful for all t-shirts, hats, mugs, shoes, swimsuits, totes, shorts, etc. Some of our items are locally screen printed and sourced as well. 

Is Printful an ethical company? 

What I like about Printful is that they do seem to be trying to change the wasteful and abusive fast fashion industry by making things to order (reduces waste) and by having practices in place to monitor the labor practices of the manufacturers they use. You can find out more about their code of conduct here and their sustainability and responsibility articles here.

What’s the difference between your shop and your online store?

The shop in Tucson has vintage and second-hand stuff, which we don’t often list on the website. Another difference is that we cannot keep every size of every clothing design stocked at the shop, so the website is the guaranteed option for getting exactly what you want, in the size you want. 

How long does shipping take? 

Each item takes a different amount of time, and is noted in the product description. Please look closely because some things take a few weeks to arrive! That’s because of a few factors: some products are coming from other countries, and they are also made-to-order, which takes a little extra time. 

For items I ship personally, they usually go out once a week on Friday.

Only part of my order came, what should I do? 

Some items ship directly from Printful to you, and others come from me at my shop. Printful will send shipping info for their parts, and I will send tracking numbers when I can for my part. Feel free to check in at [email protected]

What should I do if something doesn’t fit right?

I know it can be hard buying clothes online, so I hope everyone is looking at the size charts provided in the images to try their best to get the right fit! Still, I understand that there can be sizing discrepancies between those charts and the actual product, so please reach out if something feels off. I prefer not to give refunds for buyer’s remorse, since everything is made to order, but don’t hesitate to reach out to see about solutions! Everything is resolvable.

What should I do if the print on something doesn’t look right or is off-center?

Occasionally the printer allows things through quality control that shouldn’t have passed, like faint prints, or wrong colors, or off-center. If that’s the case, please get in touch with me at [email protected] along with a picture and we’ll go from there! Prinftul is good at replacing defective items and you won’t have to send the original back. Just let me know if this happens, thanks!

What’s the deal with shipping costs?

Printful has shipping costs by item. They control how items ship, meaning they may not put everything into one box, or item may be shipping from different locations. I have to follow their shipping costs even though I would prefer to keep shipping costs low for you! I ship the items they don’t make from my store, and the shipping is based off actual shipping costs at USPS. Still, if you’re finding shipping is adding up on your end, please reach out to me at [email protected] or @warm.shape on Instagram and we’ll see if we can figure something out! It’s possible I might have the Printful merch you are looking for here in the shop, in which case I can box everything together and refund you the shipping overage.