“Face Me”

Portraits & Workshops

by Linus Schief

Linus started making blind contour portraits (she doesn't look at the paper while she draws you!) in January of 2024 following a successful evening of drawing the attendees of an art show entitled "Face It" in Tucson, AZ. As a participant in the group art show, she decided this would be her approach, to begin with no art on her wall, and create it through an interactive experience with guests. She put up a sign that said "Face Me." It was a hit! She drew over 40 people and was hooked. 

Now "Face Me" takes several forms:

1. Walk-in portraits at Warm Shape, $20-40 sliding scale. Available Fri & Sat 12-7pm and Sunday 12-5pm. It is a good idea to reach out beforehand to make sure Linus will be in! Email [email protected] or DM on Instagram @facemeportraits

2. Portraits by appointment. If you'd like to book an appointment, reach out to Linus via email or Instagram (above). Portraits are $20-40 sliding scale and she can meet you anywhere in the Mercado District, including her shop, Warm Shape. 

3. Long-distance portraits. Linus can work through FaceTime, Zoom, etc! Or if you'd prefer she work from photos (great for a surprise or gift!), you can simply send some photos and she'll get right to work, sending you the final for approval. $20-40 sliding scale, shipping $5.

4. Contour line drawing portraits. This is a style where Linus looks while she draws. Less chaotic and unpredictable, if that's what you are drawn to! This style is sliding scale $65-85 and will be printed on a 12x12" 60lb Red River linen paper using archival ink. Shipping $10, free local pickup at Warm Shape.

5. Pet Portraits. Let Linus draw your sweet companion(s)! For this style she only works from photos. $65-85 sliding scale, printed on 12x12" 60lb Red River linen paper with archival ink. Shipping $10, free local pickup at Warm Shape.

Events & Workshops

Linus also leads workshops around town, guiding people in making their own blind contour portraits of each other. There are couples workshops ("Facing Each Other"), workshops for bringing friends or family, or attending alone and making new friends ("Face 2 Face"), and speed-dating drawing workshops ("Speed-Facing") where you draw a bunch of different people for just a few minutes each. Whichever one you choose it's sure to be hilarious and connective! Drawing activities are a great way to get out of your head and have some good deep laughs. No experience necessary, for real!

 Visit the "Face Me" Eventbrite page for all upcoming events, tickets, and info!

Workshops Calendar

Live "Face Me" Portraits Calendar

Get your portrait drawn by Linus! 

Note: these live events are not ticketed, it's first-come, first-served. Face ya there!